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Scott Thrift’s latest project, following The Present, is a 24-hour clock that will change the way you see your day. The device is meant to simplify the day by breaking it down into a perfect balance between dawn, noon, dusk and midnight.

Today highlights all 24 hours in a day, in turn moving at half the speed of a regular clock, making one complete rotation each 24 hours. So in essence, the clock awards you with a feeling of having more time.

Thrift implores that timepiece has helped him regulate his sleep patterns and also connect with the idea that every day is indeed a gift.

Today features construction from bamboo and in turn has an open face, which draws inspiration from clouds passing by from 30,000 feet.

For more on Today, as well as to support, follow on over to Scott Thrift’s Kickstarter.

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Not NYC, not LA.

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