Tune in and turn up

Upcoming German rapper Danju knows all too well the rise to hip-hop stardom is rarely a straight and narrow journey. The key to success is to strive constantly for more from your music and art, pushing boundaries as you go. On the cusp of greatness, Danju is destined for more, and he’s linked up with Converse to tell his story.

Danju hails from Stuttgart, initially building a name working with other local rappers. He decided to travel around Europe studying and perfecting his music, eventually settling in Barcelona – hence he speaks Spanish in the video. The braid-bearing spitter has now dropped his first album, Stoned ohne Grund (Stoned without Reason), which reached number 12 in the German charts earlier in April.

Danju’s had to hustle hard to progress his music. He’s breaking boundaries together with the support of his friend and creative director Lucca Tiede, his label Chimperator and Cro, who was an executive producer on his album and is always behind him.

Traveling between Stuttgart and Barcelona looking for inspiration, he needs a shoe that can keep up with him, that can sustain his creative energy, and can match his ambition – Danju has been rocking Converse for a long time, it being such a classic sneaker. Now he’s looking forward to the future, he’s tasted success, and he’s ready for more.

Words by Aaron Howes
Branded Content Editor
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