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This week Björk has launched her new experimental VR exhibition in London. The installation was debuted with a 3D avatar appearance at the event’s coinciding press conference, as the Icelandic artist animated her movements live from Iceland.

The exhibition fuses performance, film, digital installation and interactive experience.

In an appropriated Facebook post, Björk detailed her affinity and fascination of technology, saying “Technology is enabling women to work outside the already formed hierarchical systems. The laptop arriving (in) 1999 gave me a personal studio to make Vespertine, the touchscreen (in) 2006 helped me map my own idiosyncratic musicology outside the classical canon and reconnect it w(ith) nature and make Biophilia, VR is helping making a new stage free of politics where sound and vision is swirling free in 360 fully liberated.”

In addition to the touring exhibition, Björk will also be delivering a one-time performance at the Royal Albert Hall on September 21.

Björk Digital runs from September 1 through October 23.

Not NYC, not LA.

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