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Whether it be a black tie affair, semi-casual setting, or even a night out to watch their favorite sports team, the Obamas are well known for their style. This in turn also translates to the White House, as they’ve of course called it home for the past eight years.

Upon taking a look inside the White House’s private quarters, you’ll notice the dwelling space is just as relaxed as the family that lives within. Decorated by Michael S. Smith specifically for the Obamas, the residence is, however, filled with an array of 20th and 21st century artwork.

“Because of Michael Smith, the private residence of the White House has not only reflected our taste but also upheld the proud history of this building. Above all, it has truly felt like a home for our family,” says Mrs. Obama when referencing the LA-based decorator.

Smith began working for the Obamas following the 2008 election. The task of decorating the White House of course wasn’t an easy one, however, especially considering Smith only had two weeks to get the job done. “They’re very focused, and they laid out their preferences quite clearly,” the decorator revealed. “They’re drawn to elegant, simple things.”

Ultimately, the culmination of all of Smith’s hard work can be seen in the master bedroom. “This is their sanctuary—private, elegant, and calm. You really want to make sure that the President of the United States gets a good night’s sleep.”

For a look inside the Obama’s stylish White House, as decorated by Michael Smith, scroll through the imagery above and watch the video underneath.

Not NYC, not LA.

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