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Azealia Banks celebrates Trump’s victory

Hip-hop troll Azealia Banks celebrated Trump’s victory on Facebook yesterday (she couldn’t do it on Twitter because she’s been banned for insulting Zayn Malik), calling The Donald her “FUCKING HERO” and bizarrely proclaiming “We beat the liberal media! Grab me by the pussy!” What a fitting example of the wave of stupidity that swept that buffoon into the White House. – CBS News

Protests sweep America after election day

Citizens of New York, Chicago, Oakland, San Francisco, Seattle and Philadelphia took to the streets to protest against Trump’s election win and the validation for bigotry and sexism that it represents. Those in New York and Chicago in particular marching towards buildings that bare the billionaire demagogue’s name, but things remained largely peaceful. Trump supporters will probably denigrate them as sore losers who don’t respect democracy, but they conveniently forget that Trump actually lost the popular vote by 230,053 ballots and it is only the electoral college system that handed him victory. America is a divided nation with a twisted electoral system that will no doubt fuel further discord. – The Guardian

Abortion rights under threat after Trump win

If you thought that feelings of utter terror might be a slight overreaction to Trump’s election win, prepare to have them validated: last week The Donald and his Christian extremist vice-president, Mike Pence, sent a letter to anti-abortion leaders detailing their plans to cut funding for Planned Parenthood and limit women’s access to abortions and control over their own bodies should they win. And they have, and if you listen closely, you can hear the approaching march of jackboots in the distance. – ScaryMommy

Trump could bring the Olympics to LA

In every tragedy, there is someone ready to profit from it, and the tragedy of Donald Trump’s election was welcomed enthusiastically by the LA 2024 Olympic bid team who praised him for his “longstanding support of the Olympic movement in the United States,” and see his presidency as a boost for their bid. The International Olympic Committee will probably welcome it too judging from their long history of collaborating with international dictators such as Adolf Hitler, lest we forget the 1936 games. – Reuters

Golden State crush the Dallas Mavericks

Silicon Valley’s favorite team, the Golden State Warriors trounced the Dallas Mavericks by a scoreline of 116-95. New signing, Kevin Durant, had a particularly good night, bringing in 35 points, handing his team their sixth win in eight games and climbing to second place in the Western Conference. The Mavericks, however, have a perfectly inverted 2-6 record that leaves them second from bottom. – Mercury News

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Words by Aleks Eror
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