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Days after being announced as the highest-paid YouTube star by Forbes, PewDiePie has threatened to delete his channel. The YouTube star, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, officially hit 50 million subscribers and then tweeted his plans to delete the channel at 12pm ET.

PewDiePie isn’t a stranger to theatrics. Recently the YouTube star took to his channel to accuse YouTube of destroying his platform by promoting what he considers ‘clickbait.’ The video game vlogger also expressed his frustration with YouTube due to a decline in activity on his channel.

Despite generating huge amounts of traffic, PewDiePie said his concerns that YouTube’s version of ‘trending lists’ has taken focus away from showing users videos from channels they have subscribed to. “This has been a problem for a very long time,” PewDiePie said.

Check back on his YouTube channel at 12pm ET (5pm GMT) to find out if PewDiePie follows through.

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