The Weinstein Company has unveiled a second trailer (don’t worry, you can see the first one below if you missed it) for its upcoming McDonald’s epic, The Founder, delving deeper into the dirty tricks played by the empire’s mastermind Ray Kroc.

The forthcoming John Lee Hancock-directed movie stars Michael Keaton as Kroc, a milkshake salesman down on his luck until he meets Mac and Dick McDonald, owners of a small fast food stand in Southern California. From then on in, Kroc ruthlessly pulls the company away from the brothers to create the billion-dollar empire we know today.

The second trailer doesn’t include enough new footage to convince you to see the movie if you weren’t sold after the first one, but those of us who can’t wait to see how it plays out on the big screen will be excited to see the new (if a little brief) scenes.

Check out the second trailer above and the first one below.

In other movie news, Jackie Chan searches for lost treasure in the new action-comedy Kung-Fu Yoga.

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