For those that consider themselves a fan of nostalgic TV, the cinema is certainly rewarding you with big screen interpretations of classic characters from decades ago.

First, there was Baywatch. Now, we get our first look at the Dax Shepard and Michael Peña-led reboot of CHiPs – which in 1983 chronicled the exploits of motorcycle highway patrol duo, Jon Baker and Frank “Ponch” Poncherello.

Best described in tonality as 21 Jump Street on motorcycles, Ponch and Jon are back again to take on a heist investigation that may or may not be an inside job.

CHiPs opens in theaters on March 24 and co-stars Kristen Bell, Adam Brody, Jessica McNamee, Ryan Hansen, David Koechner, Michael K. Williams and Vincent D’Onofrio.

Words by Alec Banks
Features Editor

Alec Banks is a Los Angeles-based long-form writer with over a decade of experience covering fashion, music, sports, and culture.

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