Amid all the commercial excitement that took place during Sunday’s epic Super Bowl final, you could be forgiven for failing to digest everything that occurred in the snappy 20-second short confirming the impending arrival of Stranger Things season two.

The show will return this fall, with nearly all of the original cast (yes, that includes Eleven) confirmed to re-appear alongside even bigger and badder monsters. The new season will pick up where the first left off (Will barfing up that disgusting slug), and appropriately, looks to be hitting screens on Halloween, aka October 31.

To the naked eye, Sunday’s teaser might not have included anything groundbreaking, but probe a little further and you’ll notice plenty of clues as to the direction the show could be heading in. Below, we’ve channeled our best Chief Hopper impression and deconstructed just what some of the scenes within could mean.

The Eggos Commercial Hints at the Upcoming Monster

This Eggo’s commercial first aired in 1980 — three years before the events of season one took place. Of course, the reference is pretty obvious here: the frozen waffles were Eleven’s snack of choice. That said, fast forward to the original commercial to the 0:17 mark and you’ll hear the (immensely irritating) kid tell a joke about a monster that is “green and purple and has a million legs.” Such a description would also check out for the Dungeons and Dragons Thessalhydra which we saw the lads previously discuss. More on that to follow.

Eleven Is Definitely Returning

All right, so this isn’t exactly earth-shattering, but it’s nice to have official confirmation nonetheless. Let’s be honest, Stranger Things without Eleven would be a bit like The Sopranos without Tony or Mad Men without Don Draper: pointless. We can only hope she gets that nasty nosebleed sorted at some point.

Things Aren’t Looking Good for Chief Hopper

Fresh from slaying at the 23rd SAG awards, Chief Hopper can be seen caught up in some kind of explosion. Oh no. As if that wasn’t bad enough, it’s been confirmed that Sean Astin (who you may recognize from the Goonies) will be introduced to the show as Joyce’s (aka Winona Ryder) love interest. Sorry, Chief.

The References Are as on Point as Ever

On first glance, a Ghostbusters reference in an ’80s show about monsters might seem a little trite. Before you go criticizing, however, bear in mind the series will be set in 1984: the year the movie was released. Read on to the next header to find out how we know that.

And Poor Will Is Still Having a Terrible Time

If you look closely at the datestamp in the security camera, you’ll see it clearly says ’84. What’s more troubling, however, is that poor Will appears to be undergoing some type of traumatic experiment. Can this kid ever catch a break? Judging by the dude who’s observing, nothing is good is going to come of this.

The Department of Energy Is Still Being Shady

After breaking new ground for being totally useless in the first season, it appears the Department of Energy have dawned their best lab coats and are back to carry out some further cleanup jobs. Or, could it be a cameo appearance from Breaking Bad‘s Walter White and Jessie Pinkman? No, no it definitely could not be.

The New Monster Is Some Kind of Terrifying, Giant Tarantula Type Thing

Aaaahhh. What is THAT? Well, as we touched on earlier, the new monster appears to be some kind of huntsman spider on steroids. Its leggy silhouette would also match that of the Thessalhydra we discussed earlier. Really though, what chance do a bunch of kids have against a chimera of this ilk? The Demogorgon that so terrified us all in season one looks positively adorable by comparison.

Will Is Now Having an Even Worse Time

The clip ends with Will (of course) standing at his door, aghast, as he sizes up the monster. If that thing is coming for him, then good luck son, you’re gonna need it. Show producers promised a “bigger, badder and darker” series, and it looks as if they’ve come good on that promise and then some.

What else did you glean from the teaser? Let us know in the comments.

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