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With its big release just over a month away, a second full trailer has dropped for the live action Ghost in the Shell remake and it features some batshit insane special effects.

The movie is based on the classic manga and anime franchise, which takes place in an ultra-futuristic world. Here, the human essence — or ghost — can be transferred to different robotic bodies, also known as shells. In this latest teaser, Scarlett Johansson can be seen once more in her starring role as Major, while we also get a first glimpse of the main antagonist, Kuze.

Juliette Binoche, Michael Pitt, Chin Han, Pilou Asbaek, Beat Takeshi Kitano and Kaori Momoi also star in the movie, which drops in cinemas March 31.

Now ask yourself, is the Ghost in the Shell remake racist?

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