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If you require further evidence of our Jacques Greene obsession, look no further than our Best Tracks of February playlist, featuring “To Say,” and our Best Tracks of the week, where we shouted out “True” featuring How To Dress Well. Now the 27-year-old Montreal-bred producer, born Philippe Aubin, has released his debut album, Feel Infinite. It’s certainly a major vibe. Especially for a DJ who has spent the better part of the year touring and traveling to the point that one actually has to wonder how he found time to put together an album.

However he managed, it’s a triumphant follow-up to the Juno Award his single “You Can’t Deny” suddenly found itself nominated for. The song, which will appear on Feel Infinite was in many ways a re-affirmation for Greene that he did indeed understand the finicky mechanics of the uptempo dance formulas so much of his fanbase favors. In an interview with the Montreal Gazette Greene summed up the project neatly, stating, “I think Feel Infinite aspires to show a positive, utopian view of club culture. I’ve gotten so much out of it. I’ve built so many friendships. I have this emotional relationship with music and the environment in which it’s played, and I think the record is about the honesty of that. Many see the club as escapism, and I understand that, but for me it’s about walking into a party and recognizing faces. The waiter from the café on your street will be there. Every party is made up of faces in your community. That needs to be cherished.”

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