Who is Nebu Kiniza and what’s the deal with his name? He’s a Queens-born, Atlanta rapper who’s currently on a major comeup, blowing up all corners of the internet with his fresh take on Southern rap. We featured him in our Buzzworthy column last year as an artist to know, his biggest hit to date is “Gassed Up’, which has amassed a whopping 53 million listens on Souncloud, and he has a label called On Some Hippy Shit or OSHS for short.

His chosen moniker references the biblical King Nebuchadnezzar II – “Nebu stands for the golden one. Kiniza stands for being originally creative and artistic. So I put two-and-two together,” he explains. Rolling with the biblical theme, the video for his track “Fuck It Up” presents a three-part saga of epic proportions divided into The Hustle, The Turn Up, and The Come Up. Check out our exclusive premiere of the video directed by Dylan Bergstrom below, where you’ll also catch a glimpse into the life of Nebu Kiniza. You’ll definitely be seeing more of him soon.

Get fully acquainted with Nebu Kiniza via his Soundcloud right here.

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