Based in and around Germany’s capital city, the aptly titled feature-length film, BERLIN SYNDROME, offers a rather chilling perspective to the joyful, easy-going lifestyle often associated with the city. Modeled around the premise of an ill-advised romance, BERLIN SYNDROME sees Australian photographer, Clare, played by Teresa Palmer, meeting a charismatic young man by the name of Andi, played by Max Riemelt.

As is often the case in Berlin, a heated, fast-paced romance ensues, until our damsel in distress finds herself shacked up with an unassuming serial killer. Presented by Screen Australia and Aquarius Films, BERLIN SYNDROME is scheduled to hit theaters from May 25.

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Words by Adam Mark
Weekend Editor

Adam is Highsnobiety’s Weekend Editor and splits his time between overseeing all weekend content and studying Economic and Social Communication at Berlin’s University of the Arts.

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