Alexander Free

Los Angeles-based singer Anne Dereaux cemented her presence with the release of “Mo(u)rning,” an ethereal meditation on love and loss backed by avant production and Dereaux’s expert embodiment of heartbreak. Today she’s following up the release with “Rock Away,” the latest single from her forthcoming EP Book of Lolita. 

“‘Rock Away’ is the song following ‘Mo(u)rning,’ and it’s about the feelings one experiences after getting over being wronged in a relationship, realizing how much bigger you are than the situation, and loving yourself enough to walk away when they try to come back…because they always do,” Dereaux shares of the inspiration.

Book of Lolita is set to release later in the summer, but in the meantime stream “Rock Away” below.

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  • Creative Direction:Shawna Peezy
  • Photography:Alexander Free
Words by Stephanie Smith-Strickland
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