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Set to be debuted this year, and limited to 100 units, here we showcase Elextra, the next generation of electric supercar that aims to take on the likes of Tesla. Elextra comes complete with Italian styling, as it will ultimately be designed in Switzerland and hand-built in Germany.

Elextra welcomes a carbon fiber body, boasting an overall noticeably sporty design. Featuring a signature V along the roofline, the flow of the ride then moves towards the rear spoiler edges, all while covering the rear quarter over the rear wheels.

Not only does the electric supercar look fly, but it also does fly, traveling from 0 to 62 miles per hour in just 2.3 seconds, making it faster than any Tesla on the market. This is possible thanks to twin-electric motors that crank out 680 horsepower.

With a range of 374 miles, the torque is electronically and independently distributed to the front and rear wheels.

For more information on the next wave of electric supercars be sure to visit the official Elextra website.

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