In order to once again grab the attention of its target audience, Georgia’s largest producer of canned goods and food products, Supremo, solicited digital creative agency Leavingstone to come up with a new, eye-catching advertisement. Ultimately, “The Hungry Hungry Hamsters” was born, after roughly 1,984 hours of work, and carried out through a set that finds 1,350 intricate details coming together.

The online series in turn revamped Supremo’s image, as the program centered around a food-obsessed family of hamsters living through day-to-day activities.

The aforementioned set is so detailed that it boasts a flower shop, bookstore, movie theatre, statues of important fictional hamsters, and even a graffiti-laden wall.

All in all, “The Hungry Hungry Hamsters” has won numerous awards, including the Advertising Campaign Award and the Production Design/Art Direction Award.

To see how it all came together, press play above.

In other advertisement-related news, Nike cropped Cristiano Ronaldo out of an adidas crewneck in one of their most recent campaigns.

Not NYC, not LA.

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