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From recently addressing A$AP Bari’s “touchy” situation, to keeping it real about Kendrick during an interview on Ebro in the Morning, and also dropping his “East Coast Remix” fearing A$AP Rocky, Snoop Dogg and more — A$AP Ferg aka Darold Ferguson Jr.’s spotlight in the media is further magnified as he also sat down with The New York Times to explain what his Sunday routine is like.

Starting in the morning, waking around 10 a.m. or noon, Ferg’s go-to breakfast consist of egg whites, turkey bacon, and chicken sausage, or a simpler route by going to the corner store, and getting a turkey bacon, egg and cheese sandwich.

On the regular, he strolls around Harlem and sometimes go to a trustworthy restaurant, Red Rooster, which is owned by his neighbor. Also confirming that his haircuts are every Sunday, Ferg emphasizes how staying groomed is a priority, “I have a few different barbers. I have a barber in L.A. I got two barbers in New York, just in case one is not available. Barbers are important. They come to my house, and they set up and they give me facials and massages.”

On what he likes to wear, Ferg talks about his love for jeans and painting, “I was going to Kendrick’s concert later. And I wanted to jazz up my jeans, so I was like, “A’ight, I need an outfit. I’m going to get real creative.” I’m in the middle of painting some canvas pieces, so I have paint in the crib. I just pulled it out. And I just started painting on my jeans. I went to art school, so I’ve been painting for some years now. I probably would have to say about 10 years.’

Once dinner time arrives, Ferg addresses that he doesn’t really have an exact time to eat but shares, “I just eat when I’m hungry. I’ll probably go out to Carmine’s. Or I’ll have some home-cooked food that my family made for me or something.”

To end his Sunday, watching TV helps him unwind since he’s always been interested in documentaries, “I like The Defiant Ones, I love Dark Days, I love Children of the Underground, I love Rubble Kings, I love Style Wars. Every Sunday Power comes on so I watch Power.

Finally, A$AP Ferg also admits that he usually goes to bed late, saying “I probably get in bed like around 2, I’ll have to say. Like from 2 to 3. Yeah.”

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