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For a generation of hundreds of millions, the name “Seinfeld” is synonymous with the genius pairing of Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David which resulted in the iconic sitcom which bears the same name.

It seems quite apropos that as we ready ourselves for a new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Jerry Seinfeld is also reentering the comedy landscape to present his first special for Netflix.

Titled, “Jerry Before Seinfeld,” the special finds the comedian presenting his unique worldview at the club where he got his start in New York City that helped him breakout in a major way, The Comic Strip, while also unveiling legal pads with every joke he has written since 1975 and touching on aspects of his childhood upbringing which are supported by archival footage of him as a young child.

“Jerry Before Seinfeld” will premier exclusively on Netflix on September 19.

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