This Leaked Apple iPhone 8 Price List Is Jaw-Dropping

Having taken a first look at Apple’s iPhone 8 in action earlier, a potential price list for the flagship device has leaked courtesy of tech media reporter Benjamin Geskin.

The usually reliable Geskin, who cites insider sources at Cupertino, claims three models of the phone will release. The 64-gigabyte phone is the cheapest on the menu at $999, while the 256-gigabyte version comes in at a hefty $1,099. Finally, for those who like to keep a ton of music and photos, there’s the deluxe 512-gigabyte option — packing more memory than a 12-inch MacBook — which is priced at a princely sum of $1,199.

Will you still be buying the phone if this price list materializes? Let us know in the comments.

Here’s everything we know about the iPhone 8 so far. When you’re finished reading, check out some of the colors the phone could be releasing in below.