An ode to the essence of 1970s St. Tropez, our Highsnobiety x Vilebrequin collaboration is designed to give you the best summer look and bring the energy of the sun-drenched French Riviera with you during your summer vacations.

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From the azure blue of the Côte d'Azur to the idyllic stretches of the Caribbean, Vilebrequin's presence is etched into the very fabric of jet-setter culture. It's a brand that encapsulates not just fashion, but the spirit of exploration, relaxation, and luxury living.

Fueled by a harmonious blend of Mediterranean joie de vivre and meticulous craftsmanship, Vilebrequin is more than just a label; it's an invitation to embrace the finer moments under the sun-drenched skies. Their signature swim shorts, adorned with vibrant prints and impeccable detailing, have become iconic, gracing the sun-kissed shores and upscale beach clubs alike.

Since its sun-soaked inception in 1971, Vilebrequin has been an undisputed maestro in the art of resort wear. Born in the paradise of St-Tropez, this French luxury brand embarked on a mission to redefine beachwear as we know it, transcending the mere concept of swim trunks into a symbol of coastal elegance.

Diving into Vilebrequin's history is akin to embarking on a voyage through time, where meticulous tailoring and a commitment to innovation have forged an indelible legacy. With a world-class dedication to quality, these are garments designed not just to be worn, but to be experienced and made your own.

Our very own collaboration with Vilebrequin consists of a 16-piece drop, aimed at providing you a full look of items from colorful beach towels to graphic hoodies to a selection of Vilebrequin's signature swimwear. Laying in the sun, in style, it's never been easier.