We have thoroughly enjoyed Moncler's collaborative efforts over the years. It has been fascinating to watch. Aside from their hyped projects, Moncler invests a tremendous amount of resources into the research and development of their products. It’s what makes them one of the best.

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No one really does outerwear quite like Moncler. Their winter gear is synonymous with luxury athleisure, becoming a status symbol, dually loved for its colorful design and reliability on the slopes. Since its start in 1952, Moncler has been dedicated to creating winter sportswear that is practical, and of the highest quality. Whether you’re cross-country skiing or simply trekking down the street, Moncler will keep you comfortably warm and confidently dressed.

Their go-to puffy down jacket is the perfect balance between weight, warmth, and style. It's made from a finely woven nylon that is extremely dense and lightweight. These jackets are optimized to have the highest down content — the infill quality of the jacket — ensuring that wearers are warm even in the coldest winter conditions. Boxy and bright with a shiny-satin-like finish, Moncler jackets are intentionally designed to be bold, the antithesis of dull winter wear.

New experimental offshoots, like Moncler Genius, have pushed these designs even further. The ongoing project sees top creative directors like Mathew Williams, Rick Owens, and Pierpaolo Piccioli at the helm, taking Moncler's clothing into imaginative new places. Exciting fashion-forward initiatives like these paired with Moncler's unwavering commitment to its performance heritage is what makes that blue, white, and red rooster logo an undeniable mark of luxury.

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