Ever wondered what it would be like to get stoned with your granny? No, me neither, but now, thanks to a new British TV program called A Granny's Guide to the Modern World we can all experience what it might be like after they took three adorable old women to a coffee shop in Amsterdam.

The clip sees Margot, who classes the whole thing as a “bit of fun,” take her two friends along for the ride, and she even rolls her own joint after her friend encourages her by saying: “you’re good at embroidery, Margo, you've probably got very clever hands.”

After that, the gang a try a bong, a baggy and a hash cake, before heading out to experience the "very soft" streets of Amsterdam.

Watch the hilarious clip above, and if you're reading this Gran, bring the biscuits – we're getting baked tonight.

After you've finished, watch the trailer for Snoop's new sitcom below.

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