According to actor Adam Pally, quarantine life started off easy enough. The routine consisted of watching movies, celebrating Passover on Zoom, and maybe being saddled with doing a few too many dishes. But three months after shacking up with his in-laws on Long Island, the world has changed—and everyone's attitude at home has, too. "My kids hate me. We're not getting along. No one's getting along," he says over Zoom, his beard now having reached "lost as sea" levels, as he puts it. Now, the 38-year-old, and star of NBC's Indebted, is not really complaining—he's healthy and comfortable enough—but the sameness of everything is getting to him: the same food, the same people, and even the same clothes.

But there's reason to celebrate, as Father's Day is right around the corner. To Pally, whose own interest in clothes is always on display—via a leopard-print suit on the red carpet, a pair of Visvim boots on screen, or looking dope as hell in a full storm trooper get-up while punching baby Yoda (look it up)—this Father's Day is one he's particularly looking forward to. "I'm excited to have an excuse for someone to get me something. I'm excited to open a box of something. I haven't opened a box of something in like three months, so that'll be nice," he says. (Later he reveals that this isn't exactly true—he's bought a few vintage items on Grailed just to hold himself over.)

When asked how he'd react if his family got him something not on his list, he replies, in his go-to charming, yet sarcastic tone, "I'd be like, "Someone wasn't exactly listening, but, thank you. Not quite my tempo.'" So, to make sure there'd be no mistakes, we wanted to know what exactly was on Pally's wishlist. Here, he breaks down several pieces he hopes his family will scoop up for him, or, if not, that he will buy for himself (as a treat).

Entourage of 7 Beacon Sunglasses

Beacon Sunglasses

Beacon Sunglasses



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On Dropping Hints About Gifts to His Family: We watched Ford vs. Ferrari the other night. I casually mentioned that Matt Damon's sunglasses were awesome. I saw my mother-in-law and my wife make kind of eyes at each other about it. I was like, "Cool, maybe that'll be one of the things." Since then, I've seen a couple of boxes show up and I'm like, "That looks like it could be the sunglasses from that movie," so we'll see.

Bricks & Wood 8 Panel Cap

"B" Logo 8 Panel Cap

"B" Logo 8 Panel Cap


Bricks & Wood

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On Supporting Up & Coming Labels: I love these guys. I got put onto them by Anderson Paak's stylist, Jasmine Benjamin. She was the stylist on [my show] Champagne ILL making sure we looked appropriate without it feeling appropriated. She’s a magician, and the first true embracer of me wearing Birkenstocks in real life. I'll love her forever for that. Walking the floor of Complex Con with her was a time I’ll never forget. She’s always on top of cool new black owned and operated brands, and I’m proud of the fact that we got a lot of those brands onto a television show even though no one has ever seen it. (Release the tapes, YouTube!)

Nike Air Max 270 React ENG Travis Scott Cactus Trails

Air Max 270 React ENG

Air Max 270 React ENG


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On Why a Dad Like Himself Bought Them: I bought the Cactus Jack Trail Runners, and I'm okay with it. I'm okay with everybody bringing heat to me. I'm fine with it.

On Whether or Not He Plans to Tell Anyone He Bought Them: I'm not going to tell anybody. I'm embarrassed. I'm just going to let them see them one day.

His Son's Review of Them: He was like, "They're ugly," which I do agree with him on.

On How He Plans to Wear Them: I haven't decided yet. I might wear them just as every day, and wear them as beaters, and have that be the flex. If I get pictured in them, so what? Or I might throw them on with a suit and be like, "No, everybody. This is a big deal." I might just not wear them ever, because they'll come and I'll be like, "I can't. I can't put those on my feet."

Union LA Jeans

Union Los Angeles Denim Jean

Union Los Angeles Denim Jean



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On Cropped Jeans: I love a cropped jean. It's a Johnny Knoxville style fit. Gotta show off the footwear. These are like for people who love the Union Jordan 1s but couldn't get them, but who want a way to feel better about themselves. (I am one of these people.)

On Union LA: I’ve been coveting those jeans for a while. I’ve been shopping at Union for forever. Even living as close as possible it for a couple years in LA. Their namesake label seems like it was made for me with its nice mix of workwear and streetwear.

Jacquemus Les Chaussures Ankle Boot

Les Chaussures Garrigue Ankle Boots

Les Chaussures Garrigue Ankle Boots

from $625


(Available at 5 Merchants)
(Available at 5 Merchants)

On Why He Likes Them: I love [Jacquemus's] shit. I feel like he's fancy shit for the big boys. To me, these are exceptional. To me, these are an exceptional pair of boots. I haven't gotten them yet, but I find it hard to believe that I won't get them.

On Their Pinkness: I think it's super cool, the pinkness of them, and the fact that they're not delicately constructed, is a nice juxtaposition for me. I feel like I could wear those every day, beat the shit out of them, and that would be my thing.

On How He'd Wear Them: Straight up with a pair of Dickies and a Champion hoodie.

On His Family's Reaction to $600 Boots: I'll have to buy those and lie about them.

Arc'Teryx Veilance Monitor SL Coat

Veilance Monitor SL Coat

Veilance Monitor SL Coat



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On Why He Loves This Jacket: Oh, it's so freaking cool. It was all over Vancouver this summer, last summer rather. I didn't buy it because I was like, "It's kind of hot." Now I wish I bought this jacket. It's looks like leather almost, but is so light. Oh man, it's the ultimate parka.

On the Fact That It Has No Logo: I love the Arc'teryx logo, but I think the Veilance stuff is harder and a bigger flex. To me, it's if you know, you know. If you don't know, and then you're just like, "This guy's in an Arc'teryx jacket. Both Virgil and Drake showed up in the same one." It's like whatever. It's like the North Face, like expensive North Face. But this shit, it's like Purple Label.

Rick Owens Cerebrus Hook Keychain

Cereberus Hook Keychain

Cereberus Hook Keychain


Rick Owens

Summer Sale - Up to 60% off

Summer Sale - Up to 60% off

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On Rick Owens: That's a good price for a Rick accessory. I think Rick is the shit, but I can't wear it. I just can't. It doesn't look good on me. The stuff's not cut for me, but I think it's like art in a lot of ways. Especially his welding work and stuff. I think that's a very cool key chain. I also am one to hang my keys off my belt loop so I don't lose them. I find that almost to be part of my look.

On Losing One's Keys: It has happened to me before recently on a trip to Los Angeles, with a rental car set, where I didn't put them on my key chain. My kids just lost them. They were playing with them, and they were just gone. No one could find them. People are throwing the Airbnb apart. We found them down the stairs.

JW Anderson Suede Loafer Mules

Suede Loafer Mules

Suede Loafer Mules

from $590

JW Anderson

(Available at 2 Merchants)
(Available at 2 Merchants)

On Showing Them Off: They're leveled up. I'm already wearing slide on shoes almost every day in quarantine. I feel I'd wear these with a pair of tie-dye socks, and flex on the 10 people that are gathering legally with me.

On Buying These Over Birkenstocks: Yeah, most [Birkenstocks] are sold out. The good color ways are sold out everywhere. But this [JW Anderson version] seems like, I don't know, this seems like some straight up Talented Mr. Ripley shit.

On the Fact That His Two Footwear Gifts Total $1,200: I'm a simple guy.

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