News just in: AirPods are officially washed! Not really. But remember when stepping out in Apple's musical beansprouts was regarded as something of a flex? With the technology now pretty much par for the course, it's time to level up and stand out from the riff-raff. Enter Pebble Pods.

On the face of it, "jewelry for your AirPods" sounds kind of bad and ridiculous — almost in the same vein as *shudder* face mask necklaces — but actually, these little things look pretty cool (if they haven't already, give it a year before luxury big hitters start making their own versions). They arrive courtesy of minimalist jewelry label MISHO, which is the brainchild of designer Suhani Parekh. Rather than a mere affectation, Parekh says she came up with the creations as a method to stop her AirPods from slipping out while exercising (as someone who jogs and wears AirPods to the gym frequently, I have literally never experienced that issue, but whatever!) Even if you're not ready for the earphone bling revolution, the Pods can also be worn on their own as normal earrings, marking them out as a true two for one deal.

The Kendall Jenner and Rihanna approved label is well worth looking into if you haven't already. Check it out here and pre-order the Pebble Pods — available in two different styles — below.

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