Since meeting almost eight years ago, Amrit Sidhu and Anaa Saber have made names for themselves in fashion and streetwear through deejaying, modeling, and consulting with brands, among many other endeavors. But the duo are more than just creatives – they’re best friends. They’ve evolved together, often collaborating on projects and shaping each other’s styles.

Known for their influential ’fits and HMU, we wanted to take a closer look at their style, so we caught up with Amrit and Anaa behind the scenes at a photoshoot in New York City. They schooled us on bold, DIY glam using products from Revlon’s So Fierce! collection, including the Prismatic Eye Shadow Palettes, the Big Bad Lash Mascara, the Chrome Ink Liquid Liner, and the Vinyl Eyeliner.

Check out the videos below to get better acquainted with the bffs and for their insider beauty tips.

Highsnobiety / Alex Morgan
Highsnobiety / Alex Morgan
Highsnobiety / Alex Morgan

Watch Amrit and Anaa arrive at the studio and dig into Revlon’s So Fierce! Prismatic Eye Shadow Palettes, bold colors in velvet-smooth textures. Amrit talks about how her Australian roots influence her glam look, and the two show us how finger application creates an even, smooth look.

Highsnobiety / Alex Morgan
Highsnobiety / Alex Morgan
Highsnobiety / Alex Morgan

The besties reveal some of their beauty tips – like leaving mascara out the first night to harden a bit on the wand – while creating striking eyes using the So Fierce! Big Bad Lash Mascara, the Chrome Ink Liquid Liner, and the Vinyl Eyeliner.

Highsnobiety / Alex Morgan
Highsnobiety / Alex Morgan
Highsnobiety / Alex Morgan

Amrit and Anaa finish off their photo-ready beauty looks with Revlon’s Colorstay Satin Ink, one-step color that delivers rich pigment, and then head over to wardrobe to pick out their ’fits for the shoot.

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  • Director:Thuan Tran
  • DP:Sammy Suh
  • AC:Ellis Hubschman
  • Producer:Theresa Kusumadjaja
  • Coordinator:Elsa lam
  • Stylist:Anaa Saber
  • HMU:Latisha Chong & Ernest Robinson
  • Editor:Sebastian Jimenez
  • Photographer:Alex Morgan
  • Set:Nico Herrera

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