Regardless of your personal beliefs, the ugly divisiveness that marred our latest presidential election – particularly in relation to president-elect Donald Trump – is an unfortunate reality no one can deny. Whether you believe he is the worst combination of the anti-Christ and a septic, un-erasable shit-stain on humanity, or the tangerine-toned savior of the Western world, one thing’s for sure: You likely feel very, very strongly that he is firmly one or the other.

As it turns out, many of the music industry’s most outspoken artists also now view Mr. Trump in similar black and white terms, though these feelings now tend to skew more toward stain on humanity than world savior. As a result, 2015 and 2016 produced some of the shadiest, most Trump-slandering lyrics in recent hip-hop history. In fact, prior to running for president, mentions of Trump in rap music in particular tended to be quite positive; many artists routinely compared their money and material possessions to those of the billionaire turned politician.

Things have obviously changed and Trump’s very active Twitter fingers are going to have a hard time keeping up. Need evidence? Take a look below to see some of 2015 and 2016’s shadiest we-are-coming-for-your-toupee, Mr. Trump, lyrics.

Eminem “Campaign Speech”

Campaign Speech is a seven-minute freestyle that delivers a rather searing rebuke of not just Donald Trump specifically but rather the culture around him and his rhetoric. It’s essentially Em’s soapbox moment – a declaration of his beliefs and values.

The Trump Lyrics: 

Run the faucet, I’mma dunk
A bunch of Trump supporters underwater
Snuck up on ’em in Ray-Bans in a gray van with a spray tan
It’s a wrap, like an ACE bandage.


Really, you can’t get much more forthright than naming a song, “Fuck Donald Trump.” As dust from the campaign and election settles YG has emerged as one of the most unapologetically vocal opponents of the current president-elect. He also managed to draw quite a few friends to his cause. The original version features a verse from fellow Los Angeles rapper Nipsey Hussle while “FDT 2” calls in favors from Macklemore and G-Eazy. Oh, then there’s also the Fuck Donald Trump Tour featuring Oakland’s own Kamaiyah alongside Sad Boy, RJ and Slim 400.

The Trump Lyrics:

 Fuck Donald Trump
Fuck Donald Trump
Yeah, nigga, fuck Donald Trump
I don’t like your ass, nigga
Yeah, yeah, fuck Donald Trump
Yeah, fuck Donald Trump
I really don’t like you, nigga!
Yeah, fuck Donald Trump
Yeah, nigga, fuck Donald Trump
This for my grandma!
Yeah, yeah, fuck Donald Trump, yeah

Aminé  “Caroline”

Burgeoning Portland rapper Aminé stunned when he made his television debut on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. He also took the opportunity to add a new verse to his single, “Caroline,” one that takes a clear-eyed gaze at some of the problems our nation readily ignores.

The Trump Lyric:

9/11, a day that we’re never forgettin’
11/9, a day that we’re all regrettin’
‘If my president is Trump then it’s relevant enough
To talk ’bout it on TV and not give a…
I’m Black, and I’m proud
My skin is brown and I’m loud
Everybody love it when a rapper tells some lies
Well that ain’t me, homie, I guess that’s a surprise
America wanna act all happy and holy
But deep down inside they’re like Brad and Jolie
Caroline divine and I won’t get specific
Club Banana the illist and it’s too terrific
You can never make America great again
All you ever did was make this country hate again

Mike Dean “Grab Em By Da Pussy”

Kanye West and Mike Dean may agree on the music side of things but if West’s pre-rehab Trump endorsement and his meeting with Trump in New York City today are anything to go by, they don’t agree on politics. Dean made his views clear when he created an EDM-influenced remix featuring a mashup of Trump’s infamous, “grab them by the pussy” comment and The Freedom Kids’ sunny little ditty, “Make America Great Again.” The result is flesh-crawlingly creepy.

The Trump Lyric:

This entire song is just one giant mind fuck TBH.

DJ Shadow & Run The Jewels “Nobody Speak”

El-P and Killer Mike are the tag team duo you don’t want roasting; the two prove it on DJ Shadow’s track “Nobody Speak.” The two take healthy swipes at everything from Trump’s physical appearance to his inflammatory rhetoric. However, the shadiest thing of all is the fact that they have no qualms about dragging the kids into it. Trump’s penchant for commenting on the hotness level of his daughter Ivanka turns into a rather off-color punchline.

Trump Lyric:

I’m the dumbest, who flame throw your function to Funyuns
Flame your crew quicker than Trump fucks his youngest

Rick Ross “Free Enterprise”

You can’t threaten the life of a presidential candidate without Walmart taking serious offense. Ross found that out in 2015 when the mega retailer briefly pulled his album, Black Market, from shelves due lyrics that call for the assassination of Trump. Ross, for his part, claimed he was referring to a “lyrical assassination,” further illuminating that he’d added the Eminem reference to imply that the Detroit rapper’s identity as a white male in hip-hop may allow him to say things that non-white rappers could never get away with.

The Trump Lyric:

Assassinate Trump like I’m Zimmerman
Now accept these words as they came from Eminem.

Anderson .Paak Featuring T.I. “Come Down”

Anderson .Paak and T.I.’s collaboration on “Come Down” didn’t originally feature anti-Trump sentiments. Nevertheless, the rapper found plenty of time to share his feelings in an alternative version which he and Paak debuted at Coachella. The remix was performed again on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon before being officially released in May of 2016. While T.I.’s version also contains similar fantasies of assassinating Trump it seems Walmart hasn’t caught on yet.

The Trump Lyric:

I fantasize shooting Trump down
A shot for every black man who got gunned down
By the police with no convictions so they run ’round

The Game “El Chapo”

When you link with Skrillex to produce a single about slanging yayo you: A) Name the song “El Chapo” and B) Find a way to shade Donald Trump and his toupee. The Game also falls back on a favorite of a few other Trump dissidents: the death threat.

The Trump Lyric:

This is doomsday, I can have Guadalupe
Come through and knock Donald Trump out his toupee
Now look at his brains all on the sidewalk
And tuck the .38 and jump on my skywalker


Two of New York’s most subtly clever lyricists come together to put a twist on Future’s smash single “Wicked.” Mary Kate and Ashley Olson mention aside, the song, and more specifically Jada’s verse, also make it very clear that Trump is not a fellow New Yorker they’re willing to claim.

The Trump Lyric:

Art of War you just gotta Sun Tzu that
Got the cuban sitting on the fuck Trump crewneck

Waka Flocka Flame “R.I.C.O.” Remix

Waka Flocka Flame’s third verse on the “R.I.C.O.” remix is a refreshing departure from the death threats other rappers have favored. What Flocka has in mind for the billionaire businessman would no doubt be much harder for him to accept: He’s proposed sending Trump to Mexico to live out the rest of his days. It would certainly be a strong persuader against the gate-fence he spent so much of his campaign promising to build.

The Trump Lyric:

If police start asking, y’all giving up evidence
I free all my niggas, soon as I’m President
And fuck Donald Trump, man
I’m sending you straight to Mexico to live in, motherfucker

Kevin Gates “Castle”

Controversial rapper Kevin Gates takes a much softer approach to unpacking his feelings on the polarizing figure that is Trump. Rather than issue the admonitions we’ve become so used to hearing he offers up a question to Mr. Trump: What kind of person would he have become had his life circumstances been different? It’s a question we’ll never know the answer to but certainly something to think about.

The Trump Lyric:

I just told Donald Trump think about if you came from rubble
Would you be so quick to judge?
Or would you be more quick to love?

Kendrick Lamar “Black Friday”

The hook of Kendrick Lamar’s defiantly hopeful single “Alright” became a rallying cry for many protesters following the results of the election. And while Lamar certainly couldn’t have anticipated the song would come to signify the determination many felt to push through a politically and culturally tumultuous time, he probably knew how his anti-Trump turned Kanye West endorsement verse on “Black Friday” would go over.

The Trump Lyric:

Play with him, bitch you better off voting for Donald Trump
I’m yelling Mr. Kanye West for president
He probably let me get some head inside the residence

Ty Dolla $ign “Blase” Remix

Ty Dolla $ign has more than a few political IDFWU’s to disperse in the leading verse of his “Blasé” remix. In fact, he has a middle finger for Reagan, Bush and Trump, the latter of whom he makes sure to mention doesn’t like him or people like him. It’s a small line but it makes Ty’s political beliefs very obvious without bothering with extraneous word play.

The Trump Lyric:

I don’t fuck with bacon

Fuck George Bush and Ronald Reagan
I don’t fuck with Donald Trump, he don’t like us

A$AP Ferg “FLEM”

Remember all of those people who swore they were moving out of the country permanently if Trump won the election? A$AP Ferg is basically one of those future ex-patriots, or he was for one particular verse on “FLEM.” Whatever his feelings were, they don’t seem to extend to reality as he hasn’t bought that one-way plane ticket yet.

The Trump Lyric:

Trump win, I’m flying off the soil
I’m going back to where they treat us royal
All this fuckin’ bullshit make my blood boil

Dave East

Unlike fellow New Yorker, A$AP Ferg, Dave East has no plans of leaving behind Trump-era America. Adopting the simple but straightforward style of those like YG and Waka Flocka Flame, East spares Trump one line. The message is simple: If your name is Donald Trump it’s not safe on his block.

The Trump Lyric:

Donald Trump ain’t safe on my block.

Montana of 300

With 2017 on the horizon it’s increasingly seeming like the new year will be a breakout opportunity for Chicago’s Anthony Bradford aka Montana of 300. Despite the deceptively complex lyrics of many of his songs, “No Smoke” takes a minimalist approach when it comes to Trump. Basically, we’re back to death threats and resounding FDT.

The Trump Lyric:

It’s fuck all you niggas like Trump
Like Donald bitch, you better duck


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Words by Stephanie Smith-Strickland