Art For Black Lives is a new initiative connecting emerging artists with collectors who want to invest in digital prints while supporting Black trans people around the world.

Tiffany AlfonsecaYves B. Golden, and Sean-Kierre Lyons are among the artists who have already contributed works to the project – with all profits going to The Okra Project.

Art For Black Lives aims to leverage the art market to redistribute resources to the Black Trans Community. Each artist’s contribution is an extension of an existing exhibition of their work. Multidisciplinary artist, writer, DJ, and organizer, Yves B. Golden's work "Erasure Report" is one of the pieces available to purchase.

Her piece illustrates the urgency of the current moment and the necessity for collectives like the Okra Project, which offer food, and resources to Black Trans people in need. Of the piece, she wrote: “My contribution, Erasure Report, is a response to the desensitizing effects of systemic violence and the blur of names we are bombarded with on a weekly and sometimes daily basis."

Golden explains the white and gold text stands out (an inquiry and the names of victims of violence and overlapping occurrences specific to this year) while a barely visible black text itemizes the circumstances, dates and other details lost in the black background. This piece is in conversation with the work of conceptual, text artist Glenn Ligon. It’s my attempt to further shift the conversation to Black (Trans) Women and our urgent need for care and protection.”

The next round of artworks will arrive this month. Until then, check out their talented roster or artists here.



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