In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, survival expert Bear Grylls sat down to discuss the accuracy of certain scenes in survival movies.

Sifting through everything from DiCaprio vs. bear and Hanks vs. island solitude epics The Revenant and Cast Away to Bird Box and Crocodile Dundee, Grylls highlights the potential issues facing the characters in each film, including altitude sickness, sub-zero water temperatures, lack of toolkits, and so on. He then analyzes how realistic their survival attempts are, sharing personal anecdotes from the wild.

For example, Grylls notes the plausibility of the scene in The Revenant in which Leonardo DiCaprio avoids freezing to death by gutting a horse and sleeping inside it. "This totally works," he says, before telling us all about that time he took a nap inside a dead camel. "I gutted it and got inside it. I took the skin off as well and used that as a kind of blanket."

Watch Grylls dissect the scenes in the video up top.

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