Remember Been Trill? Once the darlings of the streetwear world, held in high enough esteem to earn collaborations with Hood By Air and Stussy, now just a poor joke that's reduced to collaborating with Budweiser. Yup, Budweiser.

The brand recently designed a capsule collection for Budweiser that comprises beer koozies, T-shirts and swim shorts decorated with the Budweiser logo, and is being sold via PacSun. It's basically sponsored content that you can wear.

While Been Trill's Budweiser collab looks utterly lame, this sort of move doesn't necessarily make it a death knell for a brand, because - lest we forget - Supreme collaborated with Budweiser a few years ago, as Glossy points out in an article that charts the rise and fall of Been Trill:

"That worked for Budweiser,” said Adam Wray, the editor of Fashion Redef. “It seemed like there was actual design work that went into it, it was able to play on Supreme’s history of collaborations with iconic American brands, it was sold strictly through Supreme, and that’s what made it work.”

So how did a brand once coveted by Rihanna and Drake become so utterly lame? Or was it always utterly lame, a fact once masked by its novelty? Head over to Glossy for an extended read.

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