In recent weeks, a pop-culture phenomenon has unraveled before our very eyes: the return of Bennifer. But for watch fans, this apparent rekindled romance also meant the return of an iconic timepiece.

Basically, since the are-they -aren't-they rumors started circulating, Ben Affleck seems to have been wearing a watch Jennifer Lopez gave him during their relationship’s first take, decades ago. Fan account Bennifer Tea (lol) pointed out that recent paparazzi shots of Affleck show him wearing the piece — see for yourself below.

The watch was first spotted in a 2003 Bennifer picture showing a young Ben and Jen nuzzled shoulder to shoulder courtside at a Lakers game. However, it most famously made its debut in Lopez’s 2002 music video for “Jenny From the Block." Naturally, for many nostalgics, this whole situation is extremely exciting — but for the watch world, it presented one major question: what is it? Who made the delicate small-faced watch that sits on a chunky Cuban link bracelet? Is it a custom Cartier? A Patek? A lesser-known brand?

While we couldn't work it out, thankfully the guys over at Hodinkee had more luck. They finally ID'd the mystery piece — it's a Franck Muller Cintrée Curvex on a Chrome Hearts bracelet. Confirmed by the brands themselves.

As Hodinkee points out, it makes sense — Franck Muller was a huge brand with a major celebrity following in the early 2000s – it's still Cristiano Ronaldo's favorite. The Cintrée Curvex case features a dial with fancy Arabic numerals in an Art Deco design that is unconventionally paired with a heavy silver Chrome Hearts bracelet.

To dive deeper into the investigation, head here.

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