If you've been looking for a new calling, you may be pleased to find out that there is actually such a thing as competitive joint rolling. Competitive joint rolling sees joint rollers go head to head, presenting pictures of their otherworldly joints, as people then vote on the best creations.

Here we meet Tony Greenhand (great name, huh?), a champion in the newly-emerging field of competitive joint rolling. Greenhand is 26 years of age, and he reveals that his life's mission is to create a smokeable joint equal to his weight in weed.

As soon as Tony gets out of bed each day, he puts on a pot of coffee and then begins rolling joints. These aren't your typical sticks of cannabis, however. These are full-on smokeable works of art.

In 2016, for example, Greenhand created what may have been the world's largest joint, a 4.2-pound watermelon.

To hear from Tony regarding the field of competitive joint rolling, as well to see some of his otherworldly creations, press play above.

Also, for beginner-level joint rollers, see below as Seth Rogen details the basics of rolling a joint.

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