BMW logo

BMW has just unveiled its new logo — its first redesign in over two decades, CNN reports. The German automaker introduced the new logo on a new electric concept vehicle, the i4 electric, which is set to arrive in 2021. This is the sixth design to come out since BMW's registration in 1917 and you can see it emblazoned on the i4 concept car above.

The refreshed logo ditches the classic black ring in exchange for a sleeker, transparent circle design. Following a more minimalist style, the design also features a flatter, more modern typeface, which BMW's senior vice president of customer and brand, Jans Thiemer, explained is to "radiate more openness and clarity." The blue and white emblem in the center remains.

The new i4 will apparently be able to drive up to 600 kilometers (approx 370 miles) on a full charge. While the new logo design looks amazing on the concept’s sleek Frozen Light Copper color, some wonder if it will have the same stylish effect on other shades, and even promotional assets.

Take a closer look at the i4 concept via the video below.

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