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Towering, industrial machines bathed in pulsing light would provide ample mood for any event but, from July 19 to 21, the dystopian scene at the open-air Ferropolis venue in Eastern Germany paired perfectly with the sounds of Melt Festival. The sprawling festival that began over two decades ago had always been a hotspot for one of the best music lineups of the year but for the 2019 iteration, the entire experience was elevated thanks to a little help from the Highsnobiety Sound System and Bose Frames that kept the music going long after the stage cleared.

Across the two days, as everyone from Slowthai to M¥SS KETA took to our stage for sets as electrifying as the storm that settled over the grounds, the talent kept their stunner shades at the ready; sliding on the Frames packed with built-in Bose speakers whenever they needed a moment. Or, in the case of Slowthai’s DJ, Kwes, they wore them as they stormed the stage for their performance. The idea of having sunglasses packed with their own speakers is already a bit of a power move when you need a day behind a pair of shades to zone out from the world, but at a music festival where the biggest dampener is having to wait between sets for the music to start up again, the Frames became essential throughout the weekend.

While all the sets brought packed crowds to the HS Sound System stage, one of the biggest standouts came in the form of DJ Tiffany Calver — no shock if you’ve heard any of the radio sets she’s become famous for. From spinning on stage to walking around the dystopian scene of Ferropolis soundtracked by Bose Frames, we caught up with the artist to talk the vibe of her sets and her crazy start to the year.

Peep the video and check the two sunglass silhouettes, a larger, angular Alto and smaller, rounded Rondo, on Bose.com.