For years, the fast food industry has been manipulating children into pressuring their parents into feeding them processed junk by throwing a cheap toy that they don't really want into kids' meals. This Valentine's Day, Burger King Israel is going to try that same approach by throwing a vaguely-kinky gift into the special "adult's meal" that will be available for this one day only.

According to a promo video that's accompanied by a cliched '80s softcore porno soundtrack, the Burger King "Adult's Meal" will be available for adults only this Valentine's Day from 6 p.m. onwards and contain two whoppers, two beers, and a sex toy. It will be housed in that same cardboard packaging that kid's meals are typically served in, only this one looks vaguely like a burger brothel, neon lights and all.

Those who buy it will receive one of three toys: a feather tickler, a silky eye mask, or a wire head massager. It's an amusing gimmick, but there's an inherent contradiction at play here: anyone who takes their date to Burger King on Valentine's Day is not going to be getting any action.

Remember that one time Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro reunited for a Burger King cheesy tots ad? Those were good times.

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