Collectible BAPE Bearbrick Metallic/Multi-Colored
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For one reason or another, certain people are impossible to buy for. They either have everything, or think they do… both of which make it a challenge getting them to let on about what it is they really want.

In light of this, we at Highsnobiety have put in the leg work to present you with a list of collectible products so unexpectedly good, nobody is strong enough to resist its charm. And if these wares are not enough to appease the fussy person in your life, simply write them an IOU and save some money.

Scroll below to view all the best gifts to buy the person who has everything.

Medicom Toy x KAWS Companion Flayed

Companion Flayed

Medicom Toy x KAWS

from $295
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As one of many rare KAWS pieces, Brian Donnelly’s Flayed Companion in red was made to celebrate the artist’s exhibition at Shanghai’s Yuz Museum. As if these figurines were not collectible enough, this exhibition only went and added another layer of rareness to the mix… very #meta.

Wacko Maria Maria Incense Chamber

Maria Incense Chamber

Wacko Maria



Buy at Slam Jam


Despite this figure representing a good and kind-hearted figure of the Christian faith, Wacko Maria’s full-black take on Mother Mary’s likeness looks almost menacing. And better still, once smoke begins to billow out of her eyes, the receiver will be too scared to reject it.

Supreme Diamond Plate Tool Box

Diamond Plate Tool Box


from $210
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Tool boxes are one of the most practical things to ever exist. So practical in fact that we can safely assume absolutely everyone needs one. If they feel they don’t, then they are lying to themselves. Plus, nobody is strong enough to resist the allure of a Supreme box logo so big and shiny.

Urban Outfitters Wireless Music Sleep Mask

Wireless Music Sleep Mask

Urban Outfitters

Buy at Urban Outfitters

If this doesn’t have you falling asleep to dreams of all the jawnz you hope to receive this holiday, nothing will.

Prada Paper Clip Sterling Silver Money Clip

Paper Clip Sterling Silver Money Clip




Buy at Luisaviaroma


There are two prerequisites that spring to mind when thinking about buying pieces like this for the person who has everything: Firstly, they need to be holding fat stacks almost constantly, and secondly, they need to be somewhat audacious enough to carry this piece with the confidence it demands. Prada is here to outfit your most extravagant holiday yet.

Less and More: The Design Ethos of Dieter Rams

Less and More: The Design Ethos of Dieter Rams

Klaus Klemp

Buy at amazon

A more fitting book never existed. Help guide the person who has everything towards a life full of doing more with less. And who better to start with than the undisputed king of essentialist design, Dieter Rams?

AMBUSH Logo-Print Ceramic Udon Spoon Set

Logo-Print Ceramic Udon Spoon Set




Buy at Mr. Porter


Flex on everyone at the local udon spot with this Logo-Print Ceramic Spoon Set from AMBUSH. As a matter of fact, this should be brought out to as many dinner ocassions as possible. Could crockery be 2020’s hottest accessory? Only time will tell…

Hender Scheme Car Coin Bank

Car Coin Bank

Hender Scheme



Buy at goodhood


Buying a coin bank that is more expensive than the sum of all the coins you are ever going to put in it is rather ironic, but then again, don’t all purchases become ironic when you have everything?

AQUA Variety Store “Size 3” Planter

"Size 3" Planter

AQUA Variety Store

Buy at AQUA Variety Store

Whether you’re a baller, clay pot collector, or a plant lover, a piece like this deserves a place in your home and/or garden. And as it’s also made in the likeness of a Nike basketball, it even promises to tickle the fancy of all hardened sport fanatics.

Daniel Arsham x Selfridges BrokenOrnament


Daniel Arsham x Selfridges

Buy at stockx

If you’re looking to gift someone in your life with something completely out of the ordinary, we recommend going for Daniel Arsham’s BrokenOrnament. Available exclusively at Selfridges, this rather uncanny holiday decoration is the decorative touch every home needs this holiday.

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