Polo Ralph Lauren or now dubbed as Ralph Lauren was undoubtedly a prominent label found with New York style in the ’90s, which was particularly emphasized by the Lo Life crew — a gang of Lo Heads that stole hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of Polo to eventually become an influential subculture, and essentially revered as an iconic status in the streetwear community.

Dazed Digital releases a new documentary titled “Bury Me With The Lo On,” exploring the two groups of teenagers from neighboring areas of Brooklyn (Crown Heights & Brownsville) who came together for one goal — acquire as much Polo Ralph Lauren as possible, by any means possible.

“No one cherishes the brand like these guys,” says filmmaker Tom Gould, which according to him, this decidedly New York subculture subsequently spread all over the world. “Being from New Zealand, we were so isolated, and anything coming out of New York was special because we were so far removed from it,” he says.

Gould eventually moved to New York in 2009 and shared that his first encounter with the Lo Life co-founder was through his 1999 album Skillionaire. “To me it was all original, it was different. They were talking about shoplifting – running into Saks and Bloomingdales and stealing these items of Ralph Lauren. No one was rapping about that, they were rapping about girls and parties,” he says. “These guys were humorous and they were rapping about stealing clothing which was, to me, amazing.”

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Words by Renz Ofiaza
Staff Writer

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