CAKE Ösa Modular Electric Motorcyle

CAKE, the Swedish electric motorcycle manufacturer, has introduced a new modular bike called the Ösa. Inspired by workbenches, the Ösa features a large gray uni-bar over the seat that allows a variety of attachments to be clamped on. Baskets, bags, tools, and more create more than 1,000 possible configurations.

The light, clean and quiet electric motorcycle comes in two versions: the Ösa Lite and Ösa+. The former is more of a moped with top speeds of 30 mph, while the latter tops out at 63 mph. Its powerful battery features multiple outlets, allowing it to serve as a mobile power station. That'll come especially handy when taken off the road and the grid, which both versions are outfitted for.

Pricing for the Ösa Lite starts at $4,983, while the Ösa+ starts at $7,198. Both can be ordered now on CAKE's website with a $221 deposit.

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