Shopping for Christmas gifts for Dad can be pretty hard. Sure, Christmas shopping is a headache in general, but dads have a way of being uniquely difficult.

Most of the time dads are just happy enough to see you come home for the holidays – or, if you live at home, the best present would be to get into a good college, or to get a job and be financially independent. However, if that's not already on the cards it's likely not going to happen before Christmas, and he'll need something tangible to unwrap on the day.

But whether your dad is the guy who taught you how to dress well or you'd like to teach him a thing or two about stepping up his style game, we've picked out a few accessories that both existing and aspiring cool dads can appreciate.

Here are our 10 best gift ideas for dads this year:

Drake's Wine Printed Modal/Cashmere Spot Scarf (£175)

British label Drake's is known for luxurious neckwear and scarves that balance the line between classically stylish and elegantly modern.

Polka dots may be a bit bolder than Dad's used to, but he can pull this one off with ease.

Paul Stuart Navy Terry Velour Robe ($199)

You're never too old to keep it cozy.

This velour robe is the grown man's answer to the prevalent velour sweatsuit trend, and it comes from Paul Stuart, who have garnered a reputation for picking out the best in men's fineries for decades.

Filson Original Lined Goatskin Gloves ($150)

Whether your dad's actually got experience on the ranch or gets extremely cold hands during the winter, this rugged pair of gloves has a timeless appeal and will only get better with age – just like him.

Made by Filson, the Pacific Northwest company knows a thing or two about making hard-wearing goods.

Men and Style ($27)

Writer David Coggins recently released this tome documenting numerous mens' perspectives on style, and he doles some great insight of his own, too.

It's the ideal gift for the guy who literally fathered your style.

Noah Safari Needlepoint Belt ($188)

Noah is synonymous with making timeless dad style palatable to young dudes, and this hand-stitched needlepoint belt, a collaboration with Smathers & Branson, shows why that is.

An antiqued brass knuckle and chestnut-leather tabs anchor the wild leopard print, and it comes in a handsome wooden box. If your dad was super preppy back in the day, this is a rebellious way to bring him back to those days.

Noah recommends ordering this belt two inches larger than your normal pant size, so cop accordingly.

Patagonia Synchilla Snap-T Pullover ($119)

It's never too late to get Dad on board the Patagonia fleece train.

The classic Synchilla Snap T has been keeping fathers warm ever since it debuted in 1985. 31 years later, it's still a dad style staple even the young guns can rock.

Stoffa Rollable Rabbit Felt Hat ($200)

Stoffa makes high-end hats the same quality as milliners like Borsalino, but he's able to make his prices super-reasonable by going directly to consumers.

Made of genuine rabbit felt, his hats are rollable and can be packed away while retaining their shape. Fedoras might have gotten a bad rap because of the internet, but any self-respecting sartorial dad would love to wear the hell out of this.

Sid Mashburn Shetland Crewneck Sweater ($195)

Southern haberdasher Sid Mashburn has a reputation for updated prep staples that still look remarkably modern.

This update of the Shetland wool sweater is knitted off-gauge for a lighter feel and breathability – it also means it's less itchy than its other counterparts.

Thom Browne Pebble-Grain Leather Cardholder ($290)

Thom Browne may be known more for his cropped suits and striped sweats, but his leather accessories also make for a subtle way for dad to stunt.

Made of pebble-grain leather, this cardholder maintains Browne's grosgrain trim, with gold embossed branding on the front.

Gucci Jordaan Leather Loafer ($695)

These literally aren't your grandpa's Gucci loafers. While most of Alessandro Michele's offerings for the Italian luxury label may be too out there for your old man, he can certainly appreciate the smooth elegance of the Jordaan loafer.

Sure, the fur-lined mule versions are getting plenty of play on street style blogs, but these classic updates feature a longer toe and cleaner lines, and skew more towards the type of footwear you hope he'll pass down to you one day.

If you’re still in the mood for shopping, here are 10 more holiday gift ideas each for her and for him.

  • Lead image:Gucci

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