In celebration of the "Made in the USA" collection, Levi's go deep into denim territory with a visit to the legendary White Oak Cone Mills factory in Greensboro, North Carolina. Founded in 1891 by brothers Moses and Ceasar Cone, the factory itself established in 1902, it's safe to say these guys know their industry inside out. Producing for a host of labels worldwide, Levi's have built some of their most iconic jeans, jackets and shirts across the Levi's Vintage Collection and beyond from this incredible product, woven on vintage narrow shuttle looms. Staff with over fifty years experience run these intricate, tough as nails machines; in-depth knowledge of the peculiarities of each mechanism necessary to control and perfect the development of the denim.

"Made in the USA" for Spring/Summer 2015, described as "a premium expression of the Red Tab collection," will combine classic Levi's pieces with contemporary updates, looking to the past while pushing a more modern take on everyday items. For those unfamiliar, it offers an accessible route into selvedge as well as the guarantee of solid construction with each denim piece making its way through the Cone Mill factory. "Fabrics woven on these vintage looms contain a depth and dimension that is completely unique." the specific look, feel and character of Cone Mills denim has ensured giants such as Levi's have remained loyal to Greensboro over the decades. Shop Made in the USA now.

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