Daniel Arsham has taken his signature style of eroded sculpturing to the world of classical art. The artist's latest sculpture Bronze Eroded Jupiter recreates an iconic bust and releases today to a handful of lucky buyers.

For his Paris, 3020 exhibition, Arsham worked with a 200-year-old French modeling atelier, using molds of masterpieces from Europe’s major encyclopedic institutions including the Musée du Louvre where the original Jupiter of Versailles is part of the permanent collection. For Bronze Eroded Jupiter, Arsham replicated the iconic marble piece in his own design language.

Bronze Eroded Jupiter renders Zeus' head in bronze and is hand-finished with a custom Tiffany Green patina. Parts of the sculpture are "eroded" with cast bronze crystals protruding from the decay.

Produced in a limited edition of 99, the sculpture comes encased in a custom Arsham Studio wooden crate. Each edition comes complete with a pair of embroidered Arsham Studio art handling gloves – that should be worn at all times when handling the work – and a metallic foiled certificate which the artist has signed and numbered.

In order to purchase the edition you'll need to keep an eye out for an email address that will be announced on Daniel Arsham's website today, November 13 at 12 pm ET. Those interested will need to send their PayPal e-mail and preferred shipping address to the e-mail. Once received, an invoice with instructions will be sent to your email and you will have 15 minutes to fulfill it. In a first-come-first-serve tactic, the sculpture will only be sold to the first 99 people who have successfully submitted their payments.

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