Drake is venturing into the world of live-streaming, as the rap superstar has signed a deal with Caffeine, The Verge reports. Caffeine is a live-streaming platform for entertainers, gamers, and athletes, featuring a roster that includes Offset, The Game, LaMelo Ball, and many others.

While specifics have yet to be announced, we do know that Drake is partnering with Caffeine for a multiyear deal, although the company has not revealed the exact length of the contract. The 33-year-old hip-hop artist will have his own channel, but Caffeine does not know how often he'll be streaming, as the partnership does not enforce that.

First off, Drake will be helping to bring the Ultimate Rap League (URL) to Caffeine. URL is the largest rap battle league in the United States, run by co-founder Troy “Smack White” Mitchell.

“I’ve always loved URL and admired what Smack and his team have been able to create, it just wasn’t easily accessible,” Drake said in a press release. “It’s exciting to be in a position where I’m able to bring Caffeine to the table and help provide URL with the tools they need to elevate the viewing experience and make it more accessible to fans.”

The Verge points out that Drake is no stranger to live-streaming. Back in 2018, he hopped on a stream to play Fortnite with Ninja, and the session went on to break the views record for non-tournament streaming on Twitch.

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