Have you ever thought about what your favorite musician would look and sound like if they reached their peak in a different decade? This could very well be the musing behind Colombian artist Fulaleo‘s “2080s” project in which he reimagines some of today’s most beloved musicians as artists from the 1980s.

Fulaleo then designed ’80s-style album covers for hip-hop and R&B’s brightest stars, ranging from Drake and Rihanna, to Kendrick Lamar, Beyoncé, Cardi B, The Weeknd and Migos, among others. Not only are the musicians decked out in clothing from that decade, but they also showcase the blown-out hairstyles that were so prevalent during the 1980s.

Below we’ve compiled a selection of our favorite designs by Fulaleo. After taking a look, be sure to visit the artist’s Instagram page for more from his “2080s” project.

Not NYC, not LA.