Stranger Things is one big homage to '80s cinema and the Duffer Brothers have seen a lot of '80s cinema. The show's creators sat down with WIRED to deliver their definitive list of (almost) every movie reference in Stranger Things. Watch the break-down above.

At first glance, even those unfamiliar with the period will recognize references to classics like Alien and ET. In this 29-minute-long deep-dive, the Duffers walk us through some that you might have missed, including; Frankenstein, Ghostbusters, Gremlins, Indiana Jones (all of them), A Nightmare on Elm Street, It, and Jaws.

As you can tell, the Duffers have quite a few favorites. It's pretty impressive to take stock of just how many films they've been able to reference throughout the show's three seasons.

Let us know how many references you picked up on in the comments below.

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