Of all the technical fabric solutions available on the marketplace today, there are none quite like Dyneema. The seemingly unfeasible fabric possesses around 15x more tensile strength than steel by weight, yet can still float on water, making it the strongest and most durable lightweight fiber in the world.

Over the past 25 years, the fabric has been applied in many varying industries such as offshore, maritime, workplace safety, military and law enforcement. In other words, it's been used to construct buildings, stop bullets and repair humans.

Now, Dyneema is becoming more widely available to the apparel market through a carefully curated innovations program called The Dyneema® Project, which aims to change how we view clothing and fabric. As an example, South Korean outerwear firm BlakYak used the fabric on its new Emergency Jacket, a size medium of which clocks in at only 51 grams, while further rollouts into the apparel marketplace are slated soon.

Check out the video above to learn more and make sure to stay posted on The Dyneema Project for more information.

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