As eBay positions itself as a trusted seller of sneakers, it's doing everything it possibly can to make the experience as easy and safe as possible. Pairing with the footwear experts Sneaker Con, eBay Germany is adding an extra layer of security when buying and selling sneakers over a price of 100 euros. The eBay Authenticity Check is aimed at protecting buyers from counterfeits and sellers from fraud.

Initially, a free-to-use service, all eligible sneakers sold with the eBay Authenticity Check are marked on the website with an Authenticity Check logo and a small checkmark. The process couldn't be easier to use, when you purchase a sneaker the authenticity check is automatically activated. At this point, the seller is told to send the item to the authenticity check center. Here is where Sneaker Con's experts come in. They will check for all the tell-tale signs of a counterfeit from size labels to stitching and packaging. Once confirmed the authenticity of the sneaker can be confirmed and a digital NFC authenticity tag containing all the information about the product is applied. This also makes it easier to re-sell the sneaker at a later date. The sneaker is then packaged and sent off with fast shipping and tracking to the buyer.

So all you sneakerheads can now sleep easy with the knowledge that you are not on the end of a sneaky sneaker scam, find out more here.

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