The first trailer has arrived for Irish zombie film The Cured. Starring Ellen Page, Sam Keeley, and Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, the film is set in Dublin and tells the story of people reintegrating into society after being cured of an infection that turned them into zombies.

Written and directed by David Freyne, Page plays a journalist and mother who lost her husband during the initial outbreak. She's now agreed to take in her brother-in-law, Senan, who was recently cured of the infection.

According to Entertainment Weekly, while Freyne was writing the script "he had no idea that years later we’d be dealing with an immigrant situation, we would be dealing with all the policies that are coming out of the political situation in America right now. It seems the world has become a very hostile place for certain groups of people, whether that be [because of] a religious affiliation, or a sexual orientation or, right now, a gender. I think it’s very relevant. I just hope people can watch it in terms of that and getting more out of it than just flesh-eating monsters.”

A fresh take on the genre, look for The Cured to arrive in theaters on February 23 in the USA.

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