While Facebook and Instagram have rolled out a bunch of themed filters to celebrate Pride Month this June, the Pride flag react button won't be making a comeback, Business Insider reports.

“We are no longer doing custom reactions for major holidays or moments in culture,” Facebook spokeswoman Lisa Stratton told BI. While the social networking site hasn't confirmed exactly why the reactions will no longer be available, users have made their feelings about the decision pretty clear on Twitter.

Pride-themed filters and stickers will be available year-round on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger, however.

Facebook began dabbling with reactions in 2016 with the rollout of Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, and Angry, which are all still available on posts. It was after the success of these standard issue responses that the network started to release custom options.

Savvy users might have already noticed that the cull of custom reactions earlier in the year, with the purple flower reaction absent around Mother’s Day. Unfortunately, this also means that cultural events such as Star Trek’s 50th anniversary won't be getting a temporary button, either.

Do you think Facebook should have kept the Pride react? Let us know why in the comments.

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