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After all this time, it’s kind of mind-boggling that Kitsuné has never released one of their infamous mixes dedicated solely to hip-hop. Until now, that is. The cultural talisman’s Afterwork Vol 1 is out tomorrow, December 8, and no better taster of the work can be found than Gracy Hopkins’ track “The Faction.” Making its premiere right here on Highsnobiety Music, the track exudes the kind of murky, intoxicating hedonism of a club after dark. Listen to it below.

Speaking on the track, Gracy tells us that “This song is about my faction. My team. About the G, the R, the A, the C and the Y of my name. About what makes me Gracy Hopkins. When Kitsuné reached out to me to be part of this compilation, I instantly knew this song would perfectly fit with the tape…. Cause Kitsuné is Paris, and I’m Paris. Kitsuné is France, and I’m France. It’s family. It’s the faction.”

Kitsuné’s Afterwork Vol 1 Compilation is out tomorrow, Friday, December 8. Peep the full tracklist below.

1. IshDARR – “Moon Girl”
2. Raiza Biza – “Diamonds & Gold”
3. Adian Coker – “Anywhere”
4. BlackDoe – “Poivre Blanc”
5. XXX – “Ooh Ah”
6. Kallitechnis – “Song for You” (feat. Innanet James)
7. Ambré Perkins – “SLIIIDE”
8. Chynna – “PAF”
9. Gracy Hopkins – “The Faction”
10. Ms Banks – “Bangs”
11. Manast LL’ – “Where You Goin’” (feat. Rome Fortune)
12. Noah Slee – “Instore” (feat. Wayne Snow & Rachel Fraser)
13. Junior Chef – “Everyone (みんなで)” (feat. KOHH)
14. Che Lingo – “Metal and Rocks”
15. ROMderful – “BeThere4Me” (feat. KayFaraway)
16. Bassette – “Bermuda” (feat. Joe Hertz)

Stay tuned for the compilation to appear on Kitsuné’s SoundCloud.

Words by Jake Boyer
Music Editor
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