YouTube channel Corridor has created a live action movie showing exactly what it would be like to play GTA V in real life — and it's terrifying.

The amusing clip sees a man receive a pair of the world's seemingly most advanced virtual reality headsets, which instantly transports him into the insane world of GTA. He starts off in his apartment, which bares a striking resemblance to luxury ones seen in the game, before in comes actor Steven Ogg as one of the game's most beloved characters — the lewd, crude and batshit crazy Trevor Phillips.

Ogg then takes the player on a personal tutorial around "Los Santos," bumping up the mayhem every few seconds by stealing cars, blowing up police vehicles, shooting random passersby and shouting as loud as he possibly can. Things get even crazier when the pair stumble upon a couple of modders.

The clip shows that even though a virtual reality version of GTA may be on the horizon at some point in the next few years, it might not be quite as fun as we expect. Check it out above.

In other GTA news, you can now blow people up using a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 — watch below.

Meanwhile, the first trailer for Power Rangers was just released.

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