Anyone still wondering if there's a market for digital fashion (or digital sneakers), ponder no longer. Purists may have sniffed at the Roblox component of the digital Gucci Garden event, which saw the Italian luxury house partnering with the popular children's game for limited merch and an online-only exhibit, but the in-game Gucci goods are so in-demand that they've partially outstripped the company's actual purses in price.

Only available for purchase during a single hour on May 17, the Roblox version of the Gucci Dionysus Bag with Bee was sold for 475 Robux (nearly $6), peanuts for anything with Gucci branding. Plenty of other merch was available for extremely small windows of time, including a Gucci guitar case, spiked basketball bag, diamond sunglasses, and even regular Dionysus bags. Savvy users quickly began scheming to make a quick buck by flipping these limited edition collectibles, but only the Bee-branded Dionysus took off on the second-hand market — and take off it did.

By late last week, scalpers were listing the digital Gucci purses for eye-opening sums, and though users ignored some of the more fanciful figures — no one was willing to cough up a million Robux — some were willing to pay premiums for the Dionysus Bag with Bee. One buyer forked over approximately $4,375 (350,000 Robux), almost $1,000 more than the real-life Dionysus Bag with Bee's retail price ($3,400) when it released back in 2015 (hello, Baby Birkin).

Currently, average sale prices for the coveted carriable are down to 53,214 Robux, or about $665, but for a few days, they hovered around the equivalent of about $1,500, more than some Mini Chain Dionysus bags go for on Gucci's site. No other Roblox Gucci Garden drops have come close to the same level of success, but the event runs in Roblox until May 31, so there's still time yet.

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